Runway Bay Location

Runaway in Jamaica

Runaway Bay in Jamaica

Runaway Bay is the ideal location to find an affordable villa for vacation rental in Jamaica.
Boasting some of the finest beaches of Jamaica, midway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay offers some of the best scuba diving and golf in the Caribbean. There are also long sandy beaches for lazy vacations, along with a two-mile, seaside stretch of absolutely fabulous hotels and laid back-lifestyles.

Runaway Bay is so named because it was once an escape route for runaway slaves. Nearby Discovery Bay was actually first visited by Christopher Columbus during his voyage in 1494, hence its name.

The first native settlers to the island of Jamaica, and the area around Runaway Bay, were the Arawaks. They put up a valiant fight to retain control but the Spanish explorers, who claimed the land for the Queen of Spain, eventually overpowered them.

Whistling Villa at Runaway Bay features all the comforts and amenities, with plenty of fun in the sun. There are a wide range of water sports including windsurfing, sunfish sailing, kayaks, water-skiing, snorkeling and scuba driving – all with instructors and lessons available. If you'd rather take in the sites instead there are even glass-bottomed boat rides available. And while there are plenty of water activities; you can still stay on land too. Take a bike ride (with rentals available), or head out for a scenic nature walks… and this being a former British Crown Colony, cricket is the name of the game (complete with instructors to show you to the outfield). Whistling Villa is also only steps away from Runaway Bay's 18-hole, PGA-quality golf course. From Quiet relaxation in a secluded sun drenched Jamaican paradise, to taking in all the fun filled possibilities of a Caribbean playground, Whistling Villa is a part of it all.